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FoF Halo Catalog: Horizon Run 4 Simulation


This is the FoF halo catalogs in Horizon Run 4 simulation (Kim, Park, L'Huillier & Hong 2015).

Horizon Run 4 simulation is a cosmological N-body simulation with the following properties:

  • Box size: (3,150 cMpc/h)3
  • Number of matter particles: 6,3003
  • Cosmology: WMAP 5-year ΛCDM cosmology; (Ωm, ΩΛ, h, σ8, ns) = (0.26, 0.74, 0.72, 0.79, 0.96)

FoF halos have the following properties:

  • Linking length: 0.1 cMpc/h
  • Minimum number of member particles: 30
  • Minimum FoF halo mass: 2.7×1011 Msun/h


Each data file has a name as halo.z[redshift]_[lowest Log(M)]_[highest Log(M)].hdf5. Note that the halos in each file are not sorted by their mass. Each data file is written as HDF5 file format containing the following properties:

  • ID: Halo index
  • x, y, z: Position in comoving coordinate (cMpc/h)
  • vx, vy, vz: Peculiar velocity (km/s)
  • mass: Halo mass (Msun/h)

z = 0

z = 0.1

z = 0.15

z = 0.2

z = 0.3

z = 0.4

z = 0.5

halo.z0_15.7_15.8.hdf5 (21.6KB)
halo.z0_15.6_15.7.hdf5 (21.6KB)
halo.z0_15.5_15.6.hdf5 (21.6KB)
halo.z0_15.4_15.5.hdf5 (23.6KB)
halo.z0_15.3_15.4.hdf5 (31.6KB)
halo.z0_15.2_15.3.hdf5 (42.43KB)
halo.z0_15.1_15.2.hdf5 (76.17KB)
halo.z0_15.0_15.1.hdf5 (132.16KB)
halo.z0_14.9_15.0.hdf5 (235.47KB)
halo.z0_14.8_14.9.hdf5 (404.06KB)
halo.z0_14.7_14.8.hdf5 (673.14KB)
halo.z0_14.6_14.7.hdf5 (1.04MB)
halo.z0_14.5_14.6.hdf5 (1.59MB)
halo.z0_14.4_14.5.hdf5 (2.33MB)
halo.z0_14.3_14.4.hdf5 (3.35MB)
halo.z0_14.2_14.3.hdf5 (4.68MB)
halo.z0_14.1_14.2.hdf5 (6.39MB)
halo.z0_14.0_14.1.hdf5 (8.63MB)
halo.z0_13.9_14.0.hdf5 (11.47MB)
halo.z0_13.8_13.9.hdf5 (14.9MB)
halo.z0_13.7_13.8.hdf5 (19.4MB)
halo.z0_13.6_13.7.hdf5 (24.88MB)
halo.z0_13.5_13.6.hdf5 (31.6MB)
halo.z0_13.4_13.5.hdf5 (39.84MB)
halo.z0_13.3_13.4.hdf5 (50.34MB)
halo.z0_13.2_13.3.hdf5 (62.71MB)
halo.z0_13.1_13.2.hdf5 (78.45MB)
halo.z0_13.0_13.1.hdf5 (97.08MB)
halo.z0_12.9_13.0.hdf5 (120.37MB)
halo.z0_12.8_12.9.hdf5 (148.6MB)
halo.z0_12.7_12.8.hdf5 (182.8MB)
halo.z0_12.6_12.7.hdf5 (223.28MB)
halo.z0_12.5_12.6.hdf5 (274.82MB)
halo.z0_12.4_12.5.hdf5 (335.98MB)
halo.z0_12.3_12.4.hdf5 (408.15MB)
halo.z0_12.2_12.3.hdf5 (507.26MB)
halo.z0_12.1_12.2.hdf5 (610.47MB)
halo.z0_12.0_12.1.hdf5 (754.98MB)
halo.z0_11.9_12.0.hdf5 (872.61MB)
halo.z0_11.8_11.9.hdf5 (1.13GB)
halo.z0_11.7_11.8.hdf5 (1.27GB)
halo.z0_11.6_11.7.hdf5 (1.5GB)
halo.z0_11.5_11.6.hdf5 (1.83GB)
halo.z0_11.4_11.5.hdf5 (1.74GB)
FoF Halo Catalog in Horizon Run 4 Simulation


Please cite the following reference if you use the above FoF halo catalog.

If you have a question, please contact Dr. Sungwook E. Hong.