Scientific Purpose

The Horizon Runs (HRs) are a series of massive $N$-body and hydrodynamic simulations realized at the Korea Institute for Advanced Study to study cosmology and galaxy formation and evolution.

The first Horizon Run, published in 2009 in support of the SDSS-III survey, was the largest $N$-body simulation at the time of publication. It used $4120^3$ = 69.9 billion particles in a volume of $(6.592 h^{-1}\mathrm{Gpc})^3$

The Horizon Runs 2 and 3 were published in 2011, were made using $6000^3$ = 216 billions and $7210^3$ = 374 billion particles, spanning a volume of $(7.200 h^{-1} \mathrm{Gpc})^3$ and $(10.815 h^{-1} \mathrm{Gpc})^3$, respectively. These simulations improve on our previous Horizon Run 1 (HR1) up to a factor of 4.4 in volume, and range from 2600 to over 8800 times the volume of the Millennium Run. In addition, they achieve a considerably finer mass resolution, down to $1.25\times 10^{11} h^{-1}M_\odot$, allowing to resolve galaxy-size halos with mean particle separations of $1.2 $ and $1.5h^{-1} \mathrm{Mpc}$, respectively.

The Horizon Run 4, published in 2015, uses $6300^3$ particles in a $3150 h^{-1} \mathrm{Mpc}$ box, and aims to study galaxy evolution in their cosmological context.

The Horizon Run 5, submitted in 2020, is the most largest cosmological hydrodynamic simulation with $1041 \mathrm{cMpc}$ box, and aims to study the effect of large-scale perturbations on formation of galaxies and clusters.

Reference papers


The following people have been involved in the development and analyzis of the Horizon Runs.

Cosmological model of the Horizon Runs (HR's)

All the HR's share the same cosmology, but the HR5 reflects recent updates of the Planck observation.

Cosmology used for the HR1-4's
Cosmological model $\Omega_{m,0}$ $\Omega_{b,0}$ $\Omega_{\Lambda,0}$ $n_\mathrm{s}$ $H_0\,\mathrm{(km/s/Mpc)}$ $\sigma_8$
$\Lambda$CDM WMAP5 0.26 0.044 0.74 0.96 72 1/1.26
Cosmology used for the HR5's
Cosmological model $\Omega_{m,0}$ $\Omega_{b,0}$ $\Omega_{\Lambda,0}$ $n_\mathrm{s}$ $H_0\,\mathrm{(km/s/Mpc)}$ $\sigma_8$
$\Lambda$CDM Planck 0.3 0.047 0.7 - 68.4 1/1.225

Simulations specifics
Simulations Name HR1 HR2 HR3 HR4 HR5
Box Size ($c\mathrm{Mpc}$) 9417 10285 15450 4436 1049
Number of CDM particles 4120$^3$ 6000$^3$ 7210$^3$ 6300$^3$ gas cells + particles
Starting redshift 23 32 27 100 200
Initial power spectrum generator Eisenstein & Hu (1998) CAMB Source CAMB Source CAMB Source CAMB Source
Initial displacement Zel'dovich Zel'dovich Zel'dovich 2LPT 2LPT
(Dubinski, Kim, Park 2004)
(Teyssier 2002)

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List of papers using the HR's data

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